Saturday, 3 August 2013

Look: Daytime Smokey

This look is actually an older one that I found in my archives the other day! It's a look I wear quite a lot, whenever I want a bit more drama to my eyes but still keep it wearable for daytime stuff. It's also an easy solution for whenever I don't really feel like doing a winged line or when time is running out!

As always, click on the images to see a bigger version!


For the eyes I used a light bronze colour all over the lid, a shimmery gold in the inner crease and a darker brown in the outer corners, crease and over the lower lashes. It's all pretty simple really, you just have to be careful that you don't make the whole look too dark so go easy on the darker eyeshadow. I softly blended it out with my blending blush and with an off white, gently blending towards my browbone and feathering the eyeshadow out sideways. 

I tightlined my upper lashline so that the line wouldn't be visible, but would still be a bit more defined. I also decided to line my waterline, which I often just decide on a whim. I really like it with this look sometimes, but it can easily be left out. 


On the lips I used my favourite coral, MAC's Vegas Volt and applied just enough that it would leave a bit of colour. This lipstick is incredibly pigmented and vibrant, so just applying a bit and rubbing it out with a finger gives you a softer, sheer colour on the lips. 


On the face I used my BB Cream under my eyes and nose area. I rarely apply foundation or BB cream all over my face and prefer to use it for places where I have discoloration or spots. I used a soft pink blush to warm up my cheeks and then considered myself done! 

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