Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little Mix: YSL Rouge Volupte Peach Passion, Urban Decay Streak and Maybelline Shocking Coral

As a lover of lipsticks, I want to share them with you. It seemed a bit silly though to review them one by one, and that's why I thought it would perhaps be nice if I featured a few of them in a mini review! This time we'll be looking at summery coral colours ranging from drugstore to high-end prices. They're Maybelline's Shocking Coral, Urban Decay's Revolution lipstick in Streak and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in number 13, also known as Peach Passion.

The lipsticks are similar in finish, all swatch opaque in just one swipe and the finish is lustrous. There's no shimmer in either of them, but they all have a creamy finish.

Shocking Coral

Shocking Coral is part of Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids collection, and vivid it is! It retails for about £7. I personally wouldn't describe this colour as a coral, as it looks more like a pink in the tube but it's definitely gorgeous. I can't say I like the packaging much, it's quite bulky and I just prefer a sleeker approach. I couldn't detect a smell at all, which is lovely for those amongst us who are prone to migraines.

When I applied the lipstick I noticed that it went on smoothly without slipping or sliding. It wasn't exactly hydrating, but it didn't dry out my lips either. My lips are quite dry, so that's a big plus.

Shocking Coral wore very comfortably for a couple of hours and then left a stain as it faded away. The lipstick is truly quite bright, but can be applied sheer for a more subtle effect as well.


Shocking Coral is a very pretty and bright lipstick that wears for a decent time and leaves a stain when it disappears. In my opinion, it has the formula of a much more expensive lipstick and if you like bright lipsticks you should definitely give this range a go! I still wouldn't call this a coral shade, but it's definitely a very vibrant warm toned pink.


Urban Decay just came out with a new line of lipsticks, replacing the old ones they had with sleeker packaging and an improved formula. I was told that the new Revolution lipsticks have moisturizing elements in it and all sorts of vitamins to ensure happy lips. They are also supposed to have impressive staying power, so I couldn't help but impulsively buy the pretty soft coral colour and take it home. The Revolution lipsticks retail for £15

I think the packaging is quite snazzy, it has this shiny (my favourite colour is shiny!) platinum exterior and seems to have quite some weight to it. The packaging is sturdy, but not bulky.

I can't say the shape of the lipstick itself is my favourite, I tend to prefer the tapered ones, but it's still very workable. I couldn't detect a scent either, so that's a plus too.

Streak was very easy to apply, not settling in the liplines too much and the texture wasn't too creamy but slid comfortably over the lips.

Streak is bright without being overwhelming, vivid without being obnoxious about it. For me it's the ultimate lipstick for when I want some colour on my lips but not overwhelm the rest of my look. This is a perfect colour to wear to the office or for soft, neutral looks. Streak wore comfortably for a long time and after an hour I couldn't really feel it anymore, but when I checked in the mirror it was still there going strong. It easily survived a meal too. Don't expect it to still be on there after devouring a sandwhich -nothing does, unfortunately- but you can definitely sip a few drinks and have a bit of food without worrying about whether it's still on.


I love it! I love the formula which is comfortable and long lasting. I love the packaging and I absolutely adore the colour. 

Peach Passion:

The YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks are loved amongst many and when I was at the airport a few months ago I picked this shade up. This lipstick retails for £23 but I got it for about £19 because it was tax-free. 

The packaging is just lovely, it's so shiny and has such a feel of luxury that is hard  to replicate. The lipstick itself smells like some kind of mango candy to me, which I don't mind but I can see how it will be offputting to some. 

When I apply Peach Passion on my lips it's immediately evident that this lipstick's formula doesn't like me. The product slips and slides, refuses to adhere to my lips but settling in the lines at the same time. While it's a very creamy lipstick the formula isn't hydrating in the slightest and actually makes my lips dry out and hurt very quickly. It doesn't matter if I scrub, if I use a lipbalm, if I blot the lipstick on or anything. Nothing helps, this lipstick hates me with the passion of a thousand scorching suns.

Which is a shame, because the colour is so, so pretty. After a while the lipstick is pretty much all over the place. On my chin, outside the corners on my mouth..anywhere. This is because the formula is so creamy that it refuses to stay. What also happens is that it makes the cracks in my lips stand out more and actually dries them out more so that it looks like I have patches of product left on my lips.


I'm utterly disappointed in this lipstick, but I think it might just be my lips reacting badly to it. The formula wouldn't settle and actually made my lips hurt, so I suppose I'm just unlucky with Peach Passion since I haven't seen anyone have this problem at all. Most people really like the Rouge Volupte range, so I think this might just be a very personal thing. If you have dry lips, definitely test this product out before you buy it.


Shocking Coral (£7) is awesome, especially for the price so definitely get it if you want a bright lipstick that will last a decent time. Streak (£15) has quickly become my new favourite with it being so easy and comfortable to wear whilst still being wearable and Peach Passion  (£23) didn't work for me at all but the colour is really lovely, so try before you buy!


  1. Ik heb hetzelfde probleem met de YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick. Zo jammer! Snapte er ook niets van aangezien ik verder alleen maar lovende reviews las.
    Die andere lipsticks zijn prachtig! Die gaan op mijn wish list :)

  2. Aw wat jammer! Heel eerlijk gezegd denk ik dat veel reviews ook wel lovend zijn omdat het zo'n luxeproduct is en mensen het heel graag goed willen vinden, maar het kan ook zijn dat je er een bepaald type lippen voor moet hebben en dat het gewoon niet zo geschikt is voor droge lippen. De meiden van LLG zijn er altijd zo enthousiast over en bij hen zie je ook wel dat zij die problemen niet hebben, meh. :p

  3. Oow wat jammer van die YSL lipstick! Ik was van plan om binnenkort eens een Rouge volupte formule te kopen maar nu ben ik bang haha. Shocking coral is wel errrg mooi! :) Misschien een kleine tip: ik zou het wel fijn vinden als je de lipfoto's ook nog eens naast elkaar zou zetten... (ah nu voel ik mij zo'n veel te kritische lezer want je artikel is ├Ęcht al heel goed! :)

  4. Haha kritiek is juist goed, dankjewel! Zal het er zeker voortaan in doen. Bij die lipstick moet je hem denk ik gewoon in de winkel laten opdoen en dan een middag kijken wat er gebeurt, misschien is er bij jou wel niets aan de hand en dan weet je het ook meteen zonder het al gekocht te moeten hebben.

  5. ik vind YSL lipsticks wel fijn en inderdaad omdat ze zo romig zijn glijden ze er af :( sucks. ik vind het wel de mooiste kleur ^^

  6. I'm glad I found this review for the YSL as I was very close to straight out buying it! I love the urban decay formula as well so I wonder if I'll have the same reaction to npeach passion :( shall have to go investigate...