Friday, 23 August 2013

Illamasqua Review: Surge, Androgen and Scribe

Illamasqua was one of those brands I never really ventured into before, not because I didn't like the products but more because I didn't really know that much about the brand except that it looked pricey. So I filed it away under 'high end stuff I can't afford' in my head and completely forgot about it.

That was until I stumbled upon their website that was having a massive sale in which I scored these three items for quite nice prices. The most I payed was £10 for the Scribe eyeliner, which is not bad at all for a more expensive brand! Now that I've had a proper test run with their items I feel like I can give it a proper review, so let's see what I thought about my first Illamasqua purchases!

I got a Cream Pigment (which you can use on eyes, skin and lips) in Androgen, a Liquid Metal in Surge and a waterproof felt tip eyeliner in Scribe (which is white and therefore already totally awesome)

The packaging is distinctive and I find it very visually appealing. There's something about the bat wing shape that gives it an edge that I really appreciate. Illamasqua is a brand that focuses on creativity and self expression, so I'm happy their packaging is sleek but still gives that alternative vibe. The only thing I don't like is that it's not really sealed that well, you have to pull the lid off to get it open. There's no magnet or screw machinism which makes it a bit iffy to open sometimes.

Androgen is the Cream Pigment I bought, and it's this lovely pinkish coral that's just perfect as a natural flush on the cheeks but is also a lovely colour on the lips. The product is very creamy and very pigmented, so it's easy to apply too much. I like to apply this product with either a stippling brush or with my fingers.

Surge is the Liquid Metal that I got, and it's certainly very moist, for lack of a better word. When I touched the substance it felt almost sweaty, not really creamy but not a liquid either. You won't make a huge dent in the product if you press hard, but the contents do feel very slippery.

Scribe is the white eyeliner that I've been searching for ages. I couldn't find an opaque white eyeliner anywhere! The instructions clearly state to shake before use, and if you forget the substance that comes out of the felt tip can be a little runny.

Scribe is quite opaque when swatched in one gentle stroke, but a lot more opaque when you press a bit harder. The eyeliner is truly waterproof and will only come off if you either rub very hard or take it off with make-up remover.

Surge feels very wet when applied and gives a lovely shimmer, but isn't very opaque and the glitter seems to transfer quite a bit. I know it's also to be used as an eyeshadow, but I suspected that it would crease horribly.

Androgen looks quite a bit darker and more orange swatched on my wrist than in the pan! It's still very pretty though, but very different indeed.

Androgen applied on lips

Androgen's formula is very creamy, and although I have dry lips I didn't feel as if it were drying my lips out. The substance is however, very matte and will make any lines, small wounds and loose skin stand out like a sore thumb. The colour is more true to pan here, becoming a lighter peachy tone. I think this colour will be too light for most skintones, as it's already pushing it a bit on my vampire pale complexion.

Scribe used as eyeliner.
Here you can see how well Scribe performs as a liquid eyeliner. It's truly opaque and stands out a lot. I wore this look on a hot day for most of the day and the wear time is excellent. The eyeliner looked the same until I took it off, which is incredible for me because my eyes tend to water a lot.

Surge on the eyes, Androgen on the lips and cheeks. 

I think Androgen works fine on the lips, the wear time is good and the colour is quite pretty, but it's not very flattering on my dry lips. I absolutely love using it as a blusher though, you can see what a healthy and natural flush it gives while also making my cheeks look sculpted.

Surge is a very pretty colour on the eyes as well, but I had a few problems with it. The substance stays wet, it won't dry up at all which causes the eyeshadow to slip and slide quite a bit. The shine is fantastic though, and the greenish silver colour is really flattering.

However, this is what happened after I wore Surge for only half an hour. As I feared, the liquid metal settled in the lines and began to crease horribly on me. It didn't matter that I used a primer that prevents creasing, the product is so wet that it just can't really stay put that well. Such a shame really, it makes the whole product almost impossible to work with and it makes the wearing time ridiculously short.

Final Verdict:

Scribe: This white liquid eyeliner is awesome! I really love it. It's easy to work with, the colour is vibrant as hell and it's the first white eyeliner that I've found that's this opaque. I'm very happy with it! 

Androgen: This cream pigment has become my go-to blusher! It just goes so well with almost every look and makes me look healthy instantly. As a pale girl, this is really important to me. It's quite a pretty lipcolour as well and I'm sure it'll work fine on the eyes, but I prefer to use it as a blusher. 

Surge: The greenish/silvery liquid metal is the only dud I got. Maybe I don't know how to use it? The colour is very pretty, the consistency is moist and there's so much shine to it that I really want to love it, but the creasing makes the whole thing virtually impossible to use. Maybe I can use it as an inner corner highlighter, or as a base to put eyeshadow on since eyeshadow and glitters will stick so well to it. Anyway, don't use this on it's own. If it creases on my non-oily eyelids, it will crease on anyone. 

All in all I'm pleasantly surprised by Illamasqua and will definitely try out more of their products! I got these items from their website, but Illamasqua is sold in stores in a multitude of countries (such as the UK and US) as well. 


  1. Zo jammer dan Androgen droog is op de lippen! Het lijkt me echt ideaal om hetzelfde product als blush en lipkleur te gebruiken, weet jij toevallig zoiets? :)

  2. Ja echt he! Hij voelt trouwens niet heel droog, maar accentueert wel alle fijne lijntjes en losse velletjes, maar ja dat doen matte lipsticks nou eenmaal.

    Die Benetint dingen van Benefit zijn best geschikt als lipkleur en als blush! Je krijgt een soort stain op je lippen en op je wangen werkt het hetzelfde omdat het een vloeibaar goedje is.

    Stiekem gebruik ik ook best vaak lipsticks als blush hoor haha, kan best. Stila heeft ook een blusher die ook op de lippen kan en volgens mij hebben veel goedkopere merken tegenwoordig wel cheek&lip gels. Volgens mij heb ik het wel bij Catrice of Essence gezien in ieder geval.