Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A look from Pinterest #2

Burgundy eyes
Source: Beautylish

The last time I did a look inspired by something I found on Pinterest has been a while, and although I love coming up with stuff myself you can also learn a lot from copying looks you've seen. When I saw this gorgeous red look I knew I had to try it! Red is notorious as an eyeshadow shade because it's tricky to get it right, the colour tends to make your eyes look tired and if you do it wrong you can just look as if you've just had a cry. I really liked the way the red and lavender colours brought out the green in this girl's eyes, and since I have hazel eyes myself I was curious to see if it would work so well on me too. 

I could only really see the look from one angle, so I had to make some things up. In retrospect I think I would have preffered to tightline my lashes instead of winging the line out and I also would have used some false lashes for a more dramatic effect, but I do really like the look as it is now as well! The black in the waterline forms a barrier between the red and my eye, which makes the eye look fierce and put together instead of tired and sad. I used a red pigment on my upper and lower lashline and also used it in the crease and outer corners. I then blended it out with a light, shimmery lavender similar to the one used in the example photo. I finished the look off with a shimmering inner highlight and considered myself done!

I must say, I didn't expect this look to be so flattering! As I said, red is usually a tricky blighter to get right so I'm very happy I found another way to make it work. I love that the colour makes my eyes look greener, and although I would have never thought to combine lavender and red, I think they look incredibly good together so I learned a new colour combination as well.

I think this is a great look for going out, since it demands attention but isn't crazy or over the top. It's also just a really nice softer look for those amongst us who are used to wearing colours on the eyes in any situation. This look will work best on people who have either blue or green eyes, but it won't look strange on people with other eyecolours either. Just try it out and see how you feel about it, you might be just as pleasantly surprised as I was.


  1. Hey Han, can you do a hair dye tutorial about your henna routine? That would be great because I adore your hair and dye with henna too!

  2. Thank you, and of course! I'll have to dye my hair again in a few weeks, so I'll make sure to make a tutorial of it. =D I do it in a 'lazy' way now, but I'll make sure to explain the proper way to do it as well.

  3. Sealed with a Swatch20 August 2013 at 17:17

    Lovely look!

  4. Wow, het is echt prachtig! :) Het laat het groene in je ogen ook mooi uit komen!