Friday, 5 July 2013

See you next Wednesday!

This is where I'll be going! Although I sincerely doubt I'll have to bring my fluffy cap this time. 

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you just a little heads up and tell you that I won't be updating any new articles until Wednesday. This is because I'm off to the Netherlands for a long weekend! I'm just popping over to see my family, we're having one of those family days that happens once a year which I always try to attent dutifully but actually go to every two years or so. I'm really looking forward to finally being surrounded by family again. Gosh, some of them I haven't seen in two years! It's nice to see people on Facebook and stuff, but actually spending time as a family is still really important to me. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it! I usually put at least three articles online each week but there will be no updates until I return. I just thought I should let you know. See you next Wednesday!




I was also feeling nostalgic and found a lot of old family photos that I thought would be cool to share because gosh, my cousins and sister were adorable! So if you're interested, here's an extra bit of history!

It appears that a giant swing like this was deemed safe in the 90's. Ahh, such good times. Anyway, how frickin' adorable is this? This is my dad in the background, pushing us little rascals on the big swing. Me and my sister are in the middle - and now you know, I'm actually a blonde! The secret is out! - and with my cousins on either end. I actually remember this day still!

Usually a torture method in sandy regions, but in my family it's a really good way to keep the kids busy while you work on your tan. 

You surprised by the dirt on my face? It's a costume! I think. I hope. Let's just say it's facepaint ok? 

Or maybe it was some brave attempt to draw on my eyebrows for the first time. You have to start somewhere, right? 

This is a very popular game at children's birthday parties called 'the chair dance' in the Netherlands. I don't know if everyone knows about this, but I remember it being awesome. Basically, if there were 10 children there were 9 chairs to sit on. Everyone had to move around the chairs in a big circle while the music was on, if the music stopped you had to rush to a chair! Which of course eliminated one person, and the game goes on until there's a final victor. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach, trying to anticipate when the music would end. Kid's parties are the best. 

Of course I had to save the best for last. This wonderful action shot consisted of my sister taking something from me, me then taking it back which started her crying and finally has me pulling that face in horror because I thought her crying meant that I had done something bad. I have to commend my mum for having such awesome timing and taking a picture of the moment without having a giggling fit. 


  1. over here, we call the it "musical chairs." Its fun, but towards the end there can be violence. Elbows hurt. ;) Have fun on your trip!

    1. Thank you! Haha ah musical chairs, it's not a good game unless it's a bit dangerous! Or that's what kids seem to think anyway.

  2. Yay NL!! You should update about ur long weekend when u get back to England!

  3. welcome back ;D geniet ervan. :)

    1. Thanks, het was heeel fijn! Had echt mazzel met het lekkere weer joh.