Friday, 26 July 2013

Review + Looks: Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette

I bought my very first eyeshadow palette from Too Faced. It was the Natural Eye palette which promptly became a product that I used everyday and still love three years later. Too Faced eyeshadows are truly stellar, with a buttery texture and amazing pigmentation. For a while though they hadn't come out with something that was very interesting to me. They seemed to re-release palettes that I either didn't really want, were too much like the ones I had or didn't have my colours and thus in time, I became a bit ambivalent to the brand.

But then I found out about this little gem! The Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette is a limited edition featuring 10 brand new colours! When I read about this, my attention was immediately grabbed. And when I saw the first swatches of the eyeshadow colours, my inner sixteen year old emo girl squeeled in glee and thus I ordered it from the moment I had the money for it.

As the name suggests, the Pretty Rebel palette is inspired by alternative streetstyles and features colours with which you can make the edgy looks that go with your edgy personality. Or something like that.

I used to dig the alternative styles a lot when I was a teenager and I still love it on others, I just kind of mellowed a bit throughout the years. I still love playing with colour when it comes to make-up though, and this palette just felt so 'me' that I was willing to overlook the hefty £40 price-tag and go for it.

Too Faced Natural Eye size comparison with Too Faced Pretty Rebel

I absolutely love the packaging of this palette. Not only is it pretty, but it displays their idea of maintaining a balance between edgy and glamorous very well. It's also not as bulky as many of their previous palettes were, as the image above illustrates. This makes it so much easier to take with you. The packaging is yet again made out of cardboard, but it feels a lot more luxurious and weightier than I'm normally used to with Too Faced. Let's hope the cardboard exterior doesn't show wear & tear too soon.

When you open the palette you can feel that the lid stays closed with a magnet. As normal as that is for good quality eyeshadow palettes these days, it gives it this lovely secure feeling. The palette also has a really handy mirror in it, but doesn't feature any other extra's like pencils or brushes, which I'm quite happy about. I never use the brushes in those palettes anyway and it makes the palette unnecessarily bulky, so good on them for opting for sleek packaging instead.

The eyeshadows in this palette are so diverse! There's a few very wearable shades, but also a few that are really out there and are hard to find as you'll see in the swatches. There's a good amount of shimmery and glitter eyeshadows in there, only Dainty and Charming are matte. I adore shimmer so it's not a problem for me, but if you're a matte eyeshadow lover you probably won't like this very much.

All of these were swatched by rubbing my finger in the eyeshadow once and going over my arm. No primer was used. I just want to show you guys what the pigmentation is after casually swatching it once, so that's what I did.

I have to say that the consistency of these eyeshadows is amazing. All of the colours feel so smooth and buttery and most of them are extremely pigmented. I'll go in-depth about each shade below.

Miss Sparkles: A charcoal with multicolour glitter
"Oh goodie! Another black shade in a palette. How original." my inner voice sarcastically spat, but as I ran my finger over the eyeshadow my cynicism fell quiet. Miss Sparkles is not just another black. It's the smoothest, deepest black eyeshadow I've ever layed my hands on and the sparkles make it truly spectacular.

Totally Fetch: A satin fuschia
Secretly, this was the colour that caught my eye first. I have been looking for a shimmery magenta for absolutely ages! Totally Fetch is not as bright and vibrant as I hoped it would be, but it makes up for it with it's silky smooth consistency, blendability and the fact that it's so easy to build up. It can look more red, purple or pink depending on the colours you combine with it. Also, the name is just brilliant. I guess we finally did make Fetch happen!

Girly: A green/bronze duo-chrome
I was incredibly surprised when I swatched this colour! It looks like a mossy green in the palette but swatches as a bronzy copper. Depending on how the light hits it, the colour can change between those two colours in an instant. It's such an interesting shade and I haven't seen it before. Girly also swatches like a dream, is very pigmented and, once again,  buttery smooth.

Charming: A good ol' trusty matte brown
Charming is very pigmented for such a dark matte eyeshadow and I do like it, but it's just another brown, and I have many browns. It does however, look very nice with all of the other colours and I can imagine that people who have this palette and no other eyeshadow would get a lot of use out of it since it's such a nice colour to blend in the outer corners and run through the lower lashline.

Dainty: The invisible genius
Dainty is pretty much undetectable on my skin but is actually quite opaque and performs well like the rest of the eyeshadows. This is a perfect colour for me to start with as a base or to use as a browbone highlight! It's exactly the same colour as the rest of my skin, makes veins disappear and also makes the other colours blend out really well to my browbone.

Jailbird: A magnificent metallic silver
Wow! This eyeshadow is so pigmented that it almost looks like I applied it wet. It's mental! It's incredibly shimmery, catches so much light and goes on smooth like you wouldn't believe. I didn't expect this shade to be so utterly eyecatching and I'm very happy that I got to discover it like this.

Badass: A glitterly steel blue 
I was a bit disappointed with Badass at first. In the palette it looked like such a vibrant deep blue with a lot of shimmer, but when I swatched it, it turned into this sheer dark-ish colour with a lot of glitter. However, it is very smooth and blendable and is actually ideal to use as a blending colour. A blending colour is the colour you use to merge two other colours together, such as silver and black. Using this sheer shade acts like a gentle mediator and blends everything into a gradient seemlessly.

I'm still a bit miffed that it's not the starry skyed awesomeness that I hoped it would be though, but at least it's useful.

Instigator: A shimmery fool's gold
Instigator is a beautiful glimmering golden tone that has a bit of green in it, making it a bit darker and a bit more special. I can't say that the colour would be my first choice, but it does apply very nicely and has a smooth consistency as well.

Gangsta: A beautiful shimmery bronze
At first I thought Gangsta looked a bit too much like Girly, but now I must admit that it's truly a lovely colour in its own right. Gangsta doesn't have the lustre of Girly, and is of course not a duo-chrome. This is a colour that is very easy to use in more natural looks but also if you want to go for something a little bit more
alternative. It's just such a great all-round shade and it also went on very smoothly.

Ringleader: A rosey, shimmering champagne
Ringleader is incredibly beautiful. I always have a weakness for shades like this and Too Faced generally does a really great job with soft golden tones. Ringleader is no exception. The consistency is super buttery, the colour payoff is really opaque and it plays well with a lot of the other shades in this palette.


I wanted to show you guys what the colours look like on the eyes so I made a few looks with this palette as well. They're a bit quick and dirty so forgive me if they're not as precise as my other looks, but I kind of just played with the colours to see what they could do. I didn't use a primer so this is really just how the eyeshadows perform.

Eyeshadows used: Totally Fetch (under the eye and in the crease), Jailbird (all over lid), Miss Sparkles (outer corners), Badass (outer corners), Dainty (browbone and as a base)

Eyeshadows used: Jailbird (inner corners), Totally Fetch (all over lid), Miss Sparkles (upper lashline, smoked upwards and under the eye), Badass (upper lashline and outer corners), Dainty (browbone)

Eyeshadows used: Girly (outer corners, under the eye and crease), Ringleader (all over lid and inner corners), Instigator (middle of the lid), Gangsta (outer corners til mid, crease), Charming (outer corners, lower lashline) Dainty (browbone)

As you can see, this palette allows for a lot of variety and playing around. It's possible to make something really colourful and dramatic, but it's also quite easy to create an everyday look. However, if you're out of inspiration, Too Faced has an extra little something for you.

Pretty Rebel also comes with this adorable little booklet that shows and teaches you three looks to go with this palette! I haven't tried those looks myself, but I can already see that they would work really well. The colours match up beautifully and I think this is such a lovely idea! A little instruction manual like this is such a sweet idea for beginners or people who aren't used to playing with colour.

Final Verdict:

I LOVE this palette! The colours are not only super fun and vibrant, they're also really good quality eyeshadows that are an absolute dream to work with. They're smooth as can be, the pigmentation is fantastic  and I hardly experienced fallout which can happen with the darker shades if you're not careful. Also, all of these colours are new to the brand and a lot of them are hard to duplicate so the palette feels unique as well. There isn't one shade in there that I wouldn't use frequently and I think this is a great palette for kindred spirits who love shimmer and playing with colours. 

I bought Pretty Rebel for £40 on Do keep in mind that this is a limited edition palette. I have no idea how long it'll be available for, but if you want it I'd recommend you pick it up sooner rather than later. 


  1. This palette looks great!! I definitely need it in my life

    1. Hahaha that's literally what I said to myself out loud once I saw the swatches! I hope you love it Shells.

  2. Mooi mooi mooi!

  3. heel mooi pallet! kan je veel kanten mee uit