Thursday, 11 July 2013

Personal: I'm back!

Hi everyone! So I'm back from my speedy family visit which was AWESOME! I was a bit sad that I didn't have time to visit my friends and that I had to leave so soon, but the time I did get to spend with my family was amazing

I know lots of people would make a lot of pictures, but for some reason I never really do. I'm always way too busy catching up and chatting to even think about making photos, and I'm also not sure my whole family would want to be on the internet anyway. The picture above was on Facebook for the world to see anyway though, and so I felt I could take the liberty and put it up here, haha. 

So instead of showing you heaps of photos, I'll just tell you in short little bits what I've been up to instead. 

I arrived the saturday on Schiphol airport and had to wait for my dad to pick me up so I thought it would be clever to wear heels since I didn't have to walk much anyway. BIG  MISTAKE. Do not wear heels when you're going to travel, don't do it! It was also way too warm, and I was swaying like a drunk person within minutes. By the end of the day, I had more blisters than toes which I had to walk on for the rest of the visit. Stupid me!

There was also this guy that reaaaally wanted to sell me this hair curling wand and proceeded to curl my hair but when I told him for the fifth time (politely, if I may add) that there was no chance in hell I would pay a hundred euro's for a curling wand he walked away with a huff, leaving my hair half curled. So my tip is, if you ever go to Schiphol and you meet this pushy guy..don't buy his stupid curling wand! The curls were no where to be found after only fifteen minutes, so it was extremely crappy as well!

When my dad picked me up, we got stuck in not one, not two, but three(!!) traffic jams. I didn't mind though, I haven't had so much time alone with my dad in five years and we were pretty happy to see each other anyway. Catching up in the car and later at home with my sister and his wife was lovely.

The next day my mum went to pick me and my sister up from my dad's and we went to the whole family thing, which was on a boat! It was pretty awesome catching up with everybody whilst sitting outside enjoying the amazing weather and Frysian nature. Hilarity ensued when my diabolical sister and cousin decided to teach his Singaporean friend he brought with him something quite offensive as a prank. So instead of saying what he thought meant 'can I go past please?' he would say 'Piss off!'. He was a good sport though, and laughed as much as we did when he found out what he had actually said. 

Also, I'm super duper pale so I kept lathering on the sun screen. Unfortunately this wasn't enough and I got burned anyway, dammit!

On the monday we just kind of chilled out and because my favourite gel eyeliner in the world is going out of stock  I went into panick mode and bought every last one of them! I know, terrible. Luckily, they were only about 2 euro's each. Later that evening my mum put my sister and myself on the train since I was going to Rotterdam next, where my sis lives. Goodbyes are always tricky and a few tears were shed, but it's lovely to know that I'm only an hour's flight away and that I'll be back soon. 

That evening Gryt (my sis) and I were thinking of casually enjoying a few drinks at her favourite bar, Paddy Murphy's Irish pub in Rotterdam. What happened instead was the most epic, crazy night that I'll never forget! In the end, I had shown my sister how awesome cider is, we had received a bottle of Martini from someone we thought was a stalker but in the end was just a nice guy who randomly decided that we should have it - thanks for that, sorry we thought you were creepy kind stranger! - we were horrible at bingo (yes bingo, but the 'super speedy confusing lick my nipple if you lose' kind) and even almost got into a fight for it because some idiot thought I had stolen his cards or something. Lots of other stuff happened, it was quite an adventure! What was supposed to be a few drinks at the pub had us come back home at six a.m in the morning with me having to leave that very same day. Oops. 

So on that final day, Gryt and I were groggy but managed to eventually have something resembling lunch and then we met up with my cousin and his friend again to chat some more! After that I was quite ready to go back home, although I always feel a bit torn. Part of me is always eager to go back to beautiful Wales and my boyfriend and another part of me just wants one more day with family and friends. I think this goes for everyone who has moved countries, you fall in love with the new but you will always miss the place you come from. 

Now that I'm back, I'm still quite shattered and sore but very happy. The first thing I did was text everyone that I got home safely and then I got some much desired sleep. I'm looking forward to working as usual, I also have a few article ideas that I hope will be appreciated and my goal for the summer is to find a part time job. This will give me a lot of peace of mind for when I graduate, it's nice to at least already have something to pay the bills with you know. 

Anyway, this is what I have been up to, are you planning to go somewhere or see some special people this summer holiday?



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  1. haha achh die jongen met zn piss off :p ik ga zondag naar schiphol dus ik zorg dat ik die gast met die krultang ontwijk ><