Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One look, two prices: The Reveal

It's finally Wednesday! Geez it took me so much self discipline to not react to your comments and spill the beans haha, I didn't want to give anything away. Seeing you guys participating was awesome, and the reason behind your guesses was really cool too! Anyway, here's the reveal! Are you ready for it? Then keep on reading!

I'll just get the reveal out of the way first. Tadaa!

Yep, number two was the more expensive look! Are you surprised? The votes were quite equal, but most people leaned to the left photo being the higher end version. The price difference is really quite something and it even made me cringe a little bit (who knew my make-up face was worth so much?) and it's really fun to see that it was hard to guess for you guys. That must mean my budget stuff held up pretty well! Let's find out what I used for each look.


For the budget look I used the Maybelline On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo as a base, the Sleek Oh so Special palette for my eyeshadow and eyebrow colours and even my Sleek Contour kit because the bronze colour was just the right shade that I wanted on my eyes. As a highlight in the inner corners I used my trusty Catrice eyeshadow, and then lined my eyes with my Sleek Eau lala multifunctional pencil. I used a black eyeshadow as an eyeliner and applied it with my Essence angled brush (which I love!). All of my eyeshadow was applied with my Essence smoky eyes brush. Which performed really well, because most of you really loved my eyeshadow in the budget version! I finished the look by curling my lashes and applying my trusty Maxfactor Clump Defy mascara.

All of these products were under £10, and most of them even under £5!

Now for the pricey one, ouch! That's a big difference, isn't it? I used both the Naked palette and the Too Faced Natural Eye palette to create the same eyeshadow combinations  as I had with the budget products. For the eyebrows I used a more expensive brow pencil than I usually do but don't like as much, which is the Rimmel browpencil in Hazel and then combined it with my usual colours from the Naked palette and the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe to create a gradient. A few products here are duplicates such as the white kohl liner and the Sleek multifunctional pencil, but instead of using my Essence brushes I used my brushes from Real Techniques which are still not too pricey, but more expensive than my Essence stuff.

Especially the palettes and the Benefit mascara made the price go up a huge amount! There's also the brushes of course, but the rest of the products are all drugstore brands.




Both of these lipsticks are favourites of mine. The first one is Vixen from Sleek, and the second one is MAC's Russian Red which is more expensive on it's own than Sleek's lipstick and lip liner combined.


It was way too warm for any foundation or BB-cream, and since my skin is pretty well behaved I decided upon just going for a concealer instead! I love Catrice's Camouflage concealer, it's light enough for me and stays on so well! I also consider myself lucky with those two brushes over there that I got from E-bay. They're very good, and only £3. each. The blusher was also a brilliant find, I got it for £2. in Superdrug and although it's super soft and powdery it looks really nice on the face and blends in really well. The Essence transluscent fixing powder is a huge favourite since it works so wonderfully for hiding shine, and for places where I actually wanted to glow I used the Essence My Base illuminating base that I also doubled up as a highlighter. Sleek's contour kit made another appearance - and I thus didn't count in with the calculating for this, because I already did that when I used it for the eyes - which I used for contouring this time.

I've had that MAC Mineral Concealer laying around for a while since I was way too pale for it, but now that I've tanned a little bit it was ok to use. It didn't perfrom as well as my cheap Catrice concealer though, my dark circles were still pretty obvious. I used MAC's blusher in 'Pinch o' Peach' on the cheeks applied with my Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush. Or rather, it used to be retractable but I've got it for ages and the packaging broke down so I guess it's just an overpriced brush now. The brush is still really soft though. I used the Revlon Photoready Primer as a base for my concealer and my Mememe Pearly Pink Illuminator as a highlighter. Duplicates here are my Sleek Contour Kit, my contour brush and my Essence powder. 

So, what was my face worth?

Which makes the total difference in price a whopping £153.50!

So, who won this time? I think it's safe to say that most of you liked the budget look better, most of you even voted for the budget look because you thought that was the one with the more expensive products! 

Don't feel bad if you had it wrong though, instead be happy that the look you liked was made out of products you can afford, yay! 

So the winner this time for 'One Look, Two Prices' is.....

The budget version! 

I'm already curious which version will win next time! I think I'll also ask two questions next time instead of one. Not only 'which one is more expensive?' but also 'which one do you like the most?' because as this little experiment showed, the one you think is better isn't necessarily going to cost you a small fortune. 

Anyway, thanks for joining in on this little experiment. I hope it was as fun to do as it was for me to make up.  


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    1. Awwh pittig balen! *knuf* Volgende keer beter? :p

  2. Ik had het goed! Was vooral de lippenstift eigenlijk, want je ziet dat de kleur iets anders en aparter is dan de budgetversie.

    1. Yaay! Russian Red is zo mooi he, ik had verwacht dat ie wat lichter zou zijn maar door dat donkere vind ik hem alleen maar mooier eigenlijk haha.