Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My 4 favourite ways to make bright lips work

Wearing bright colours on the lips has become more an more common these last few years, and especially this summer they're very on trend. I personally love this and I wear bright lipsticks a lot, but I also know that it can be tricky to make them work. What kind of makeup can you wear with it whilst still keeping it tasteful?

There are many ways to pull off the bright lip trend and frankly I think you can pretty much wear them any way you want. I do have a few favourite ways though, and I thought it might be handy to share them with you!

As always, you can click on the images for a larger and more detailed version.

Natural Eyes:

Let's start off with the quickest version, a natural look which has a subtle matte highlight on the browbone and a shimmery highlight in the inner corners on the eye. I swept a colour that was just two or three shades darker than my skintone over the crease of my eyes and outer corners to give it more depth. I also put a bit of nude kohl pencil in my waterline to brighten the eyes. Just curl your lashes, apply your favourite mascara and you're good to go.

By keeping your eyes simple, you're allowing your lips to be the focus point of your face and thus balancing the whole look. This is a very clean and simple way to wear bright lipstick, and it looks good on almost anyone. Don't forget to put on some blusher as well! Bright lipstick can wash you out, so put some colour back into your face by putting on a subtle blusher.

Winged Eyeliner:

For this version I pretty much used the same shadows from the other look, but now I added a dark brown in the outer corners and added eyeliner, which I winged out to give my eyes a bigger and more awake look.

Winged eyeliner is perfect for bright lips! It's no coincidence that this look was so popular in the 50's at the same time as wearing the bright red lipstick. Putting winged out eyeliner and bright lips together works so well because there's no clashing colours here. Using neutral shades and tones is a very safe way to combine bright colours with anything else. The eyeliner also helps to make the eyes look bigger and more feminine, pulling some attention to your eyes as well as your lips. 

A Pop Of Colour: 

What I did was I first made a line with a mint kohl pencil and then went over it with a blue eyeshadow. When I was happy with the line, I then went over it with my black gel liner, thus creating a double line effect.

Wearing a double eyeliner is a nice way to introduce a bit more colour into the face without it becoming too overwhelming. I love using cooler tones for this, mint and blues are particular favourites. This is because they will almost always contrast beautifully with whichever colour you have on the lips since they are from such a different colour family. If this sounds a bit confusing, you can read my tutorial about combining colours here.

Soft And Smokey:

I took a shimmery brown eyeshadow and applied it all over my lid, I then put a dark brown on the lower lashline, the outer corners and the upper lashline which I then blended out. As a last step I swiped a soft matte neutral shade over the crease to blend everything out to the browbone, creating a soft smokey look.

Now, this look will not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really love it. It gives a bit of 90's grunge vibe to the whole look whilst still looking soft. Using neutral and brown colours ensures that it doesn't clash with the colours used on the lips. I love doing this look for when I go out or when I want to feel a bit less pristine and a bit more badass. 

So there you go, these were my four favourite ways to make bright lips work. I hope this helped you a little bit or maybe even gave you some ideas!

For anyone who was wondering, the lipcolours I'm wearing in the pictures are the following:

Coral:  Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar
Fuschia:  Colour from Sleek lip 4 palette in Mardi Gras
Bright pink:  A bright pink from Barry M mixed with the light pink in Mardi Gras


  1. Leuke blog! Ik draag altijd felle lipstick met eyeliner. Perfecte combi

    1. Dankjewel! Met eyeliner is ook mijn favoriet haha, zonder voel ik me toch vaak nog wel een beetje kaal ofzo.

  2. met zo'n mooi gezichtje als jou werkt alles haha! ik vind vooral rode lippen je echt prachtig staan.

    1. Moet jij nodig zeggen joh met je mooie koppie haha, maar dankjewel! :p