Saturday, 20 July 2013

Look: Khal Drogo Inspired

Source: Fanpop

Khal Drogo, the fear inducing leader of the Dothraki is not only an important character in one of my most favourite shows ever (Game of Thrones all the way!) but I secretly always thought he looked striking with his smokey eyes. It has this effortless messy slapped-on awesomeness to it and I kind of wanted to see what I could do with it.

Now this isn't a look where I was actually trying to replicate Drogo and look like a guy, I was just playing around to see what it would be like to make something inspired by his signature look. I knew that I needed to be quick and dirty about it, two things that I usually don't do in makeup. It's most often quite important to be precise and neat with makeup looks, so doing the exact opposite was really fun for a change.

What I tried to do was to create a really dark smokey eye that seems to melt into the eyebrows. This was easy to create on the actor that plays Khal Drogo since he has fierce and dark eyebrows anyway, but not for me and so I chose to just go along and make my eyebrows really dark as well. I also tried to create the messy and dirty, but in a good way, look that is so popular in TV shows. People want their characters to look striking even when dirty, so I tried to apply a muddy colour on places of my face that would compliment it such as the nose bridge, under my cheekbones and my temples.

It was so hard to stay messy! I kept telling myself that I shouldn't try to make it wearable or too neat, but making something look effortless is actually harder than it looks. There's a fine line between 'Oh I just slapped this on and it looks like it's supposed to be that way' and 'Today, I'm a panda!'

It was interesting to see how much lighter my eye colour looks, and also how bigger, darker eyebrows create a much more masculine look. I'll definitely remember this for if I ever want to do a gender bender.

For the eyes, I used a black gel eyeliner on the waterline and on the lids that I smudged out before it could dry and then feathered it out with a black eyeshadow. It started to turn a little bit grey - which I didn't want - so then I applied a bit of copper to still give it a warm hue. Then I proceeded to go darker again and roughly filled in my eyebrows with the same matte black I used for the whole lid.

I made sure I put concealer under my eyes to blend the dark colour out properly and brightening my under eye area.

Funny what a bit of change in lighting can do, suddenly I have a tan! 

On the rest of my face I used the same bronze colour to create 'dirt' on my face and contour. I wanted a more haggard and worn in look, but since I have quite chubby cheeks that proved to be a bit difficult, haha!

I ended up masking my lips with concealer so that the eyes would demand even more attention and then I decided that I was done.

In the end, I'm quite happy with this look. Yeah okay so it's not wearable at all, but it made me feel hella fierce. Being messy and quick for a change was a cool experience as well, I sure had fun just playing and seeing what it would do.

Are you suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal just like I am? Gosh I can't wait for that show to begin again, I've read all the books but I just enjoy the acting so much and the way they made the world so believable.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little crazy look!




  1. I'm suffering from GOT withdrawal! ;)

    I looove this look, but (understandably) a few of the photos look like you have some fallout that needs to be cleaned up.

    The last photo is my favorite, I think you definitely achieved a haggard look!

    1. Hello and welcome fellow sufferer! :p Have you found some kind of replacement to keep you going? I'm actually struggling to find a show now, since most other fantasy's are almost silly compared aren't they?

      Oh gosh yes, the fallout. There was so much of it! Haha you caught me, I couldn't get rid of all of it and in the end I was like 'Oh sod it' and kind of blended it in with the concealer.

  2. I love it! I have a huge, ridiculous crush on Jason Momoa, and this is by far my favorite role of his. (besides the fact that I LOVE GoT) I would love to see you turn this look into a more feminine, wearable look.

    1. Definitely going to do that! I can make a true wearable version and just a more..I don't know.. editorial version? A bit cleaner and stuff I guess haha.

  3. ik moet echt gaan beginnen aan GoT! ik hoor er zoveel goeds over haha. maar dit laat je ogen echt suuuper mooi uitkomen zeg

    1. Jaaaa! Ik ben iemand die altijd de boeken helemaal geweldig vindt en als er dan een serie van uitkomt stelt die me altijd een beetje teleur, bij GoT heb ik dat voor het eerst helemaal niet. De serie is wel echt keihard en daar moet je wel tegen kunnen, maar ik vind het acteerwerk zo goed en de manier waarop het verhaal zich ontwikkeld ook. Het is echt de moeite waard.