Saturday, 13 July 2013

Look: Double Ombre All the Way

I know that the ombre look was a bit two seasons ago, but hey, I still love it! Anyway, I saw this super bright pink Barry M lipstick in my stash and I absentmindedly thought 'How the hell am I going to combine you?' You know these types of colours, the shades that are so hilariously bright that you felt compelled to buy it but then never wear? This is one of those shades, and I felt like taking on the challenge.

What I ended up doing was using the pink as a base for an ombre lip, using a purple and a dark berry lipstick for the gradient and a light glossy pink in the middle which resulted in a subtle yet bold lip. Of course I couldn't stop there - It wouldn't be a challenge if I kept my eyes neutral, although that would have looked awesome as well - and combined it with a purple ombre eyeliner! Want to know how I did it? Then keep reading.


I didn't prime my eyes this time, and didn't do my eyebrows as dark as I usually do them. I felt that for this look, I didn't want to draw too much attention to the eyes and since the eyeliner would already be quite out there I left my brows a bit lighter and more subtle.

I used my favourite champagne colour as a base, and then swiped a soft taupe and a light brown over the outer corners and the crease of my eyes. The lower lashlines also got some attention. I used a nude kohl pencil to brighten my eyes and then carefully made a winged line with my purple H&M eyeliner. I then made a subtle gradient using a magenta colour in the inner corners, carefully going over the eyeliner and a dark plummy colour at the end, also still trying to keep it neat because I didn't want my eyeliner to be smudging. As for the shape, I know there are lots of methods to doing this but I just always follow the shape of my eyes and then wing it out. I feel that when I follow my lower lashline to make the flick it goes way too straight upwards, so I prefer to follow the way my eye naturally folds instead. I made quite a thick line since I wasn't really going to use eyeshadow, so it was ok for the eyeliner to stand out and occupy most of my eyelid space.

I finished with my Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara, although I think some false lashes would have been awesome with this too.



As for the lips, I used the brightest cool toned pink lipstick I had as a base, and then used a very dark, cool toned berry colour in the outer corners. Then I used a cool toned purple to blend it in, and a lighter glossy pink in the middle. I kind of blended it by dabbing on it with my finger and reapplying where necessary. It could be more precise I guess, but my approach to makeup is quite relaxed and so I was happy doing it this way.

Full Face:

I didn't use a lot of products on my face since it's so warm and I feel like all of it just melts off anyway, so I just used a bit of concealer to hide my dark cirkles and blemishes and used a liquid blush to give my cheeks a healthy flush. For a bit of a glow I used my liquid highlighter, Mememe's Oyster Gold

Also, I think this is one of those looks that looks absolutely lovely with glasses! The glasses make it instantly more suitable for day time wear, since they tend to tone down dramatic looks a lot more.

Is the ombre lip a bit too much for you? This look becomes instantly more wearable if you leave the bright lip out and trade it in for a softer colour or just a bit of balm on the lips. This way, you let your eyes get all the attention but still have it suitable for day time wear. I love wearing coloured eyeliner, especially in the summer since it's a lot more resistant to sweat and smudging than eyeshadow whilst still giving you that pop of colour.

Are you still in love with the ombre look too? I do hope so since that would at least mean that I'm not the only one, haha!


  1. Super mooi Hanny, love die eyeliner!

    1. Oooh dankjewel! Ik had serieus echt niks van die eyeliner verwacht, had hem een keertje gekocht uit zo'n koopjesbak uit de H&M en ik was zo verbaasd toen ik ontdekte dat ie nog echt goed is ook! Nu wil ik meer H&M make-up uitproberen haha.