Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tutorial: Sultry Summer Eyes

It's tutorial time! This is one of my absolute favourite nighttime looks for the summer, it'll look lovely on many skintones and the colours used look very nice together as well. This will look especially lovely on tanned skin, but it won't look out of place on pale skin either. Don't forget that you can always click on the images to zoom in.

Let's get started, shall we?

Prime yo eyes

To make your eyeshadow last a lot longer and make the colours more vibrant, use an eye primer! I'm using a little bit of Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but there are many other options available.

Champagne base colour

As a base we'll use a shimmery champagne tone. Not quite golden, but almost. I'm using an eyeshadow from the Catrice SpectaculArt collection which is unfortunately not for sale anymore, but there are lots and lots of similar shades to be found on the high street. Apply this all over your lid, like shown above. I don't really like going all the way up to the browbone with a shimmery colour, but you can do so if you really want to. I applied this with my finger, but you could also just use any eyeshadow brush of your choice.

Rose Gold

What I'm using here is actually a blush from Sleek called Rose Gold, which is - according to many - a dupe for NARS Orgasm. The blush is so pigmented that I often double it up as an eyeshadow! If you don't have a shade like this, you could mix a bit of a shimmery pinky peach eyeshadow or blush with a golden tone, it should get you something quite like this. Apply this from the middle to the outer corners of the eye with a dense brush. Dense brushes pick up more pigment so it's great for getting an intense colour on your eyes. I often wear this look on it's own with some eyeliner and mascara as an everyday look, but for this tutorial we're going to do something a bit more colourful.


With a tiny dense eyeshadow brush, take a matte purple shade and apply it as shown above in the diagram. I'm using Sleek's Matte Brights palette, which is a real recommendation for fellow colour lovers. Anyway, don't worry about blending yet, we'll do that later. The purple will likely turn a bit more pink on your eyes because of the golden base we use, so don't get too frustrated if your purple doesn't look as it usually does.


Now take a magenta colour with the same brush, and apply it like the diagram shows above so you get some sort of gradient. If it looks weird at this stage, don't worry! We're going to blend it in a sec.

Will it blend?

Take your fluffy blending brush, and gently blend the edges of the colours so that they feather out nicely. The trick about blending is that you don't go all over the lid with your blending brush, the colours will turn muddy that way! What you want is a gentle gradient, so make sure you only blend the edges and the intensity of the colour stays. If you lose some of the colour or intensity, repeat the previous steps and blend again until it looks right. The best way to do this is to do it gently and slowly, just let the brush do the work and use as little pressure as possible.

Dark Purple

For the darker colour, we'll use a matte dark purple. If you don't have this particular shade, try mixing one of your purples or pinks with brown or black to make it darker. Using the same dense eyeshadow brush as we did before, apply the eyeshadow in the outer corners of the eye and run it over the lower lashline. Again, don't worry about blending yet. Just try to get the right intensity. 

Blending time!

With the same fluffy blending brush we used before, blend the edges of the darker colour so that it gradually feathers into the other colours. This should leave you with no hard edges but still intense colours. Don't forget to blend the lashline out as well. We're done with the eyeshadow now, so grab your eye pencil for the next step.

Kohl liner

This step is completely optional, I know that not everyone likes kohl liner in the waterline since it tends to make the eyes look smaller and it can look a bit harsh. I really like doing it for nighttime looks though, it gives this intensity to your eyes and it just makes them stand out so much! So for this step, tightline your eyes by going through the roots of the lashes and then make as tiny a line as possible on the upper lashline. Proceed to line your waterline, and then take a tiny brush to smudge and smooth everything out a bit. 

Other options are just tightlining your upper lashline and using a white or nude tint in the lower waterline, making a lovely cat eyed flick with an eyeliner or just leaving it bare with some mascara. These options will all look great, although if you have hooded or little eyelid space like I do I recommend you make as slim a line as possible. The last thing you want is the eyeliner covering up the beautiful eyeshadow colours.

Mascara aaaand, done!

Curl your lashes, apply your favourite mascara and you're done! I like to combine this eye look with a soft colour on the lips, in this case Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte lipstick in Peach Passion, subtle highlights and a flush on the cheeks. I like to make my eyes the main focal point in colourful looks like this, but you absolutely don't have to. There are no real rules in makeup, so just combine this with whatever you fancy! 

Anyway, I really hope that you liked this tutorial and that it was helpful. Please let me know what you think in the comments below! 


  1. Serieus, ik vind die lijntjes echt vet handig!

  2. I'm not even really into make-up but I always enjoy photo tutorials. Yours is really clear. The lines are very helpful and the pictures are great! I like that the lighting seems to be the same in every picture. Good job, and great look!

    1. Thank you Laura, that's awesome feedback!

  3. Ik moet echt even mijn oogschaduw applying skills gaan uppen. Ik gebruik hooguit maar 2 kleuren omdat het daarna echt een bIG MESS wordt bij mij xD

  4. leuk Han, zo kan iedereen ogen opmaken!