Monday, 3 June 2013

Tutorial: How to pretend you have eyebrows.

Having brows that are basically unnoticable is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I never have to pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs or get rid of my moustache because the hairs on my body are tiny and virtually invisible. A curse because it takes quite a bit of patience and practice to figure out how to paint those damn brows on in a way that doesn't look too fake! And I do paint them on, because having eyebrows that frame your eyes and face are just bloody lovely and I want them too dammit. With a lot of trial and error I figured out what works for me, and I thought it might work for you as well. I am of course going to use products that are tailored for my personal colouring, so do keep in mind that you will most likely have to use different shades. The technique still applies though, let's start!

So first you're gonna grab your eyebrow pencil. I'm using one that has the same undertones as my hair but is quite a bit lighter. If you have dark hair, it's best to use a pencil a few shades lighter than you haircolour and if you have light hair it's better to go a few shades darker. This is if you want a natural effect though, you can of course choose whichever colour you fancy. Have pink brows if that's what you want! Pink brows are awesome.

If you have medium coloured hair you should make your own educated guess as to whether you should pick a lighter or darker shade. Also, I also advice you against picking an eyebrow pencil with a warm undertone unless you have similar colouring to me. On most people it looks a bit weird though, so try to go for cool colours like taupe, grey or dusty browns.

Step 1: Define your shape

What you do is you very gently trace the shape you want your eyebrow to be. There's several ways you can do this, I like to use the natural growth of my brows as a guideline. We start out this way because it makes it a lot easier to follow later. Make sure that you don't draw harsh lines, especially on top. The bottom area of the eyebrow is usually a bit fuller, so it's okay if that looks more defined versus the upper area.

Golden ratio
The Golden Ratio is a guideline as to where your arch should be, where your eyebrows should generally begin and also where they should stop. This guideline has proven to be flattering for most people, but keep in mind that it's still a guideline. It's not a rule! If it doesn't work for you, ditch it and try other things. This method doesn't really work for me - It gave me some serious case of Disney Villain brows - so I made up my own shape and just roll with it. Every face is different, keep that in mind.

Step 2: Fill in lightly with eyebrow pencil

With the same eyebrow pencil, proceed to slowly and gently fill in your brow. Use small brush strokes, you want it to look as if you're drawing small hairs. Also make sure that the beginning of the brow doesn't look harsh. Harsh, blocky looking brows are a dead giveway and makes them look very drawn on. Don't do it except if that's the look you are going for. I also think it makes the face look too severe and frown-y, so I prefer a subtle start to the brow.

Step 3: Light powder

Now choose a light neutral toned matte colour, a few shades lighter than your eyebrow pencil. I'm using Naked from Urban Decay's Naked palette. This is the lightest shade we'll use. 

Gently push the angled brush through the first part of the eyebrow. We're going to achieve a subtle gradient effect here. I do this because it gives the brow a lot more depth and definition, it makes it look a lot more realistic because you're imitating the way real brows are constructed. People with full brows often have the most fullness in the middle and on the bottom half of the eyebrow. This is what we're going to simulate.

Step 4: Darker powder

We're going to make the brows look a bit more defined by choosing an eyeshadow colour a few shades darker than you eyebrow pencil. I'm using Buck from the Naked palette.

Carefully work the colour through the part of the brow illustrated above. This will give the illusion of fuller, more defined brows. 

Step 5: Finishing touches

For lighter looks I often call it a day by the end of step 4, but for a little extra definition I like to use a cool toned darker shade. For me, Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe is perfect. 

This step is similar to the one before, only now you try to define the bottom edges of your eyebrows. Also put some in the middle to give the illusion of thickness. As you can see, the gradient effect is definitely there now but still subtle enough to make it wearable. 

With your spoolie, very gently go through your brows. Make sure that the colours are blended. Be super careful though! If you press too hard it's very easy to make your brows look muddy and smudged. Try to prevent that. 

As a final touch, I like to spray some hairspray on my spoolie and very carefully go through my now finished eyebrows with it. This will set the powder and keep the hairs in place all day. You could also use an eyebrow gel instead, whichever you prefer. 

All finished!

So, this is what my brows looked like before. Very sparse, zero definition and a bit of a no-show honestly. 

And this is what they look like when I'm done! It's a lot of fuss to go through for just your eyebrows, I realise that. It's also the thing that ends up looking the best though, and for that it's well worth it. I hope this tutorial helped you a bit and gave you some ideas as to what to do with your brows. Good luck!


  1. Wauw, ziet er goed uit! Knap dat je dat zo natuurlijk kan laten lijken, terwijl je eigen wenkbrauwen zo licht zijn.

    1. Dankjewel! Het heeft me ook wel een tijd gekost hoor om uit te vogelen hoe dat nou weer werkt. Soms wil ik weer een pony zodat ik lekker lui kan zijn en ze niet meer hoef te doen haha.

  2. Mooi! Ik vind het vaak inderdaad niet natuurlijk lijken maar dit wel!
    Ik heb dat trucje ook niet eerder gezien met een lichtere kleur aan het begin en donkerder aan het einde!

    1. Ja die zwaar opgetekende wenkbrauwen zijn nu hip ofzo, soms vind ik ze wel heel mooi maar vaak toch een beetje too much voor mij.

      Nikkietutorials doet ook zulkiets als ik met haar wenkbrauwen geloof ik! Alhoewel zij nog veel verder ermee gaat, mijn 5 stappen plan lijkt echt simpel naast wat zij allemaal doet joh haha.

  3. Wow, jij stopt er veel tijd in! Ik gebruik trouwens ook gewoon oogschaduw voor mn wenkbrauwen haha :p werkt prima

    1. Haha ja wenkbrauwpoeder of oogschaduw..volgens mij maakt het geen zak uit hoor haha. Het kost inderdaad veel tijd! T_T 3 minuten per wenkbrauw verdorie haha. Je moet toch wat he als ze onzichtbaar zijn :p

  4. Heel handig dit! Ziet er ook veel natuurlijker uit dan de meeste andere 'getekende' wenkbrauwen.