Thursday, 27 June 2013

Trend: Bright eyebrows, yay or nay?


Painting your eyebrows a funky colour has been a quite normal thing to do on runways and photoshoot for years, but nowadays it seems that more and more of us lesser mortals are copying the look for ourselves too.  I sense a trend is upon us, and I think it has something to do with the haircolour trend we've been introduced to a year or two ago.

fuckyeahdyedhair tumblr


Nicolegoldsoul Tumblr

Since it became quite hip for some girls to dye their tresses beautiful pastel colours it seems that the brows couldn't be left out for too long. I understand this sentiment completely, matching your brows to your hair doesn't make it exactly look natural but it does make it look more like it's supposed to be that way. It pulls the look together in a way that is hard to replicate with your good ol' natural coloured eyebrows. 

Fruit Salad by My Digital Eye

Angie Ng 03

Coloured eyebrows can also work pretty well even if it doesn't matches your current haircolour. I find it quite striking on both the images above. The first one because her whole look is colourful and her brows only add to that (although I do wish she would have chosen a warmer colour to compliment the rest of her look) and the second picture is absolutely striking in its repetition of colours throughout the whole image.

Flare December 2011
Changeclothez tumblr

It's the colourful eyebrows combined with a natural haircolour that makes me doubt its awesomeness a bit though. I think it can look great for photoshoots, but it's pretty hard to pull off in everyday life without looking like your look is unfinished. I think it will definitely be a head turner though. If I saw someone walking down the street looking like that I'd definitely think 'Ohhh, edgy' and remember whereas when someone walks past that has a rainbow of colours on her anyway the eyebrows wouldn't even register. Combined with natural hair though, it's definitely a statement. 

So, is it a yay or a nay?

Honestly, I don't know! I think brightly coloured eyebrows can look fabulous on people who have unnaturally coloured hair anyway since it definitely helps to tie the hair in with the rest of your face and even mismatched eyebrows are pretty cool when the rest of your style is vibrant and edgy. I'm not sure it works for everyone though, it seems pretty hard to wear when you have a haircolour that looks a bit more natural. For now, I'll give it a hesitant yay just because I think it's really awesome to look at, but I don't think it would suit me much personally.  


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    1. Aaah, ook niet bij anderen? Of alleen niet bij jezelf? Voor mezelf vind ik het ook niet zo'n succes haha.