Friday, 28 June 2013

Sleek Pout Paints Review: Lava and Pinkini

Sleek is a drugstore makeup brand sold in a few countries throughout the world, but I first came into contact with it when I moved to the UK. What I like about Sleek is that they're affordable but sell really pigmented products in the most beautiful colours. Anyway, I hadn't tried their Pout Paints - which are liquid lip colours - but I had heard such good things about them and was very curious. My choices were Lava, the orange shade, and Pinkini, a vibrant pink colour and worth £5 each.

You would't think so if you had to guess from pictures online but these tubes are really freaking tiny! You can fit a few in the palm of your hand and hide them with ease, which makes them both adorable and handy since they don't take up much space. I haven't figured out if the package is transparant or not, since the colours displayed on the packaging are quite true to the colour of the actual product. To use the Pout Paints you definitely need a lip pencil. There's no way you want to apply this straight from the tube as it would be way too messy!

The applicator allows you to be quite accurate with how much product you want to come out. This is a very welcome factor because you only need the tiniest amount to cover your whole lips. Half a garden pea would be too much as you really just need a little bit.

It even says so itself on the packaging - 'a little goes a long way.'  They sure weren't kidding when they said that, which is great! This means that this product will last me a very long time.

The Pout Paints above are all the colours Sleek has currently produced, not including limited edition shades
Source: Fashion Insight

The fun thing about these Pout Paints is that you can mix them together to create new shades, which I find a really creative and cool idea. It brings me straight back to art school! I do wonder why they didn't also make a bright yellow, cyan and pure magenta tone though...since you can truly make all the colours with just those three as a base. Now you can just kind of make shades cooler and warmer, but it would work so much better if they made just three versions of the primary colours as well as a black and white. Ah well, a golden tip for the future perhaps?

A tiny amount like this is probably already too much, just to illustrate how incredibly great value for money these products are.

Swatch with flash. Pinkini on the left, Lava on the right.

Swatch without flash, natural light.

Both Pout Paints felt very creamy and glossy when I swatched them and I was amazed by Pinkini's pigmentation as well as how opaque it was. Lava was also nicely pigmented but feathered a lot more and seemed to be a bit more sheer. I immediately loved the way Lava looked on my hand though - it's such a gorgeous burning orange colour. I was very curious as to how it would perform on my lips.

Pinkini on my lips

The consistency proved prone to feathering and was quite hard to apply, but when I was done I was incredibly pleased by Pinkini's colour payoff. It applied equally opaque everywhere, felt very comfortable on the lips and didn't slip or slide regardless of it being a glossy lip colour. I think the feathering would have been a lot less if I had used a lip pencil underneath.

What surprised me the most was how incredibly flattering the shade is! Bright pinks can be really tricky to wear for us fairer skinned ladies, but Pinkini seems to be the kind of pink that almost anyone can carry off. It has both cool and warm tones in it, making it more accessible for everyone. After applying, Pinkini felt glossy and almost moisturising for about 40 minutes and after that I couldn't feel it at all. It didn't dry out my lips, which I was very pleased about, since my lips are prone to drying and often cracked. After about 4 hours the colour had mostly disappeared, so it's not incredibly long lasting although I think with the help of a lip pencil the wearing time could be increased quite a bit. 

Lava on my lips

Lava, on the other hand, was a whole different story. This colour was - excuse my French - a complete ball ache to apply! No matter how hard I tried, it applied patchily. Opaque in some areas, sheer in others. It started bleeding the moment the colour reached the boundaries of my lips and slipped all over the place. Eventually I tried applying the thinnest layer possible, waiting half an hour and then applying another layer. This finally resulted in an adequate looking swatch. 

Whilst Lava was a gorgeous vibrant, almost burning orange shade when swatched on my hands, that vibrancy didn't quite translate to my lips. Instead of that it looked quite a bit darker and, in my honest opinion, not very flattering. Lava felt just as comfortable to wear as Pinkini with it not feeling drying whatsoever. It unfortunately also disappeared a lot quicker than Pinkini, there was only a sad wash of Lava left on my lips after two hours of wearing time. I think a lip pencil would - again - help a lot with this but I'm still disappointed. 

Final Verdict:

Pinkini is so pretty! 

With the Pout Paints it appears that it's a bit of a mixed bag. I absolutely love the hell out of Pinkini as it's a gorgeous vibrant pink that will suit a lot of people really well. It's a beautiful shade, especially for the summer, and it lasted for a pretty long time as well. I'm so happy with it and I can't believe this only cost me £5. What a steal!

Lava, on the other hand, disappointed me. Not just because the colour didn't look nice on me - hey, that can happen and is never really the fault of the product - but because it just didn't perform well. Applying the product was beyond tricky since it decided at random where to actually attach to my lips and it slid all over the place. When it was finally in place, it felt comfortable to wear but disappeared within two hours. This left patches of orange stains on my lips which is never a good look. 

So in short, I'm very happy with Pinkini, but thoroughly unimpressed by Lava. Ah well, maybe I can mix it with other colours and make it work somehow. 


  1. pinkini staat zo mooi bij je! ook geweldig met je haar kleur. :)

  2. Mooi! Als bleek persoon heb ik weinig moeite met roze, eigenlijk. Ligt misschien aan het geheel? Geen idee. Waar heb je ze gekocht? :)

    1. Deze heb ik gewoon in Superdrug gekocht (stiekum via de website want in de winkel is altijd alles al geopend en vies gemaakt) maar in Nederland kun je Sleek via diverse webshops kopen, of Ebay, of in Skins in Groningen.

      Ooh, heb je een koele ondertoon? Roze is vaak koel, daarom staat het bij mij meestal niet al te best omdat ik ondanks mijn bleekheid toch uiteindelijk een warme ondertoon heb.

  3. It's great to see a review from someone I trust about these. I've been eyeing them for awhile, but I was really worried that they would be too drying. It's great to see that Pinkini is so comfy! I may have to grab it

    1. Aw thanks, that's good to hear. Pinkini will look wonderful on you I think! Do let me know when you get it haha.