Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My 6 favourite: Youtube Tutorials

Man, have I seen some Youtube tutorials over the years. I started out with Michelle Phan 3 years ago and I remember trying out every single look she did. Eventually I found other Youtubers to follow and copy and therefore I've become quite picky with what I now regard as an interesting tutorial. I watch a lot of them, but I know that I'm really intrigued when I'm trying to copy them myself. It was truly tricky to pick 6 favourites, and so I went for the looks that have inspired me the most. They are definitely quite 'out there'. I love basic tutorials but dramatic makeup will always steal first place for me. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration too!

Nikkietutorials: Modern Pin Up and Valentinesday

First of all, let's start with some Dutch pride. Nikkie is a very talented Dutch Youtuber that makes the most gorgeous tutorials. I had to get used to her at first, for a down to earth Dutchie she can come across a little bit too loud and overly enthusiastic at first. After a while though the happy bubbly attitude grew on me and now I find her absolutely hilarious and lovely. I'm very fond of her modern spin on this pin up look, I love pin up looks a lot but they can get a bit same-y after a while. This tutorial helps spice it up!

I also love that Nikkie isn't afraid to use dark and warm colours under the eye. I think the finished look is absolutely gorgeous and a lot more flattering than I expected. 

Vintageortacky: Poison Cupcake

I love Vintageortacky's attitude and her looks are very pretty. I think the colour scheme in this tutorial is particularily lovely. Cut creases are hard though! I need to practise this look a little bit more before I can do it properly myself. 

Emma Pickles: Pop Of Colour

Emma Pickles has a lot of lovely tutorials, but this look really catches my eye every time. It's such a lovely subtle use of colour! She makes it look so easy too. 


I have no words for how creative she is and this tutorial completely blew me away. I haven't managed to do this yet, but trying is a lot of fun too!

It's lovely how versatile this look is. Just change it a little bit to make it more dramatic or more appropriate for the daytime. I'm absolutely in love with the colour scheme as well. 

So that was it for me. It wasn't easy picking 6 favourites let me tell you! What are your top tutorials? Share them with me! I always love to discover new favourites. 

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