Wednesday, 5 June 2013

FOTD: Easy Colourful Summer Look

I don't know about you, but I never really want to wear a lot of makeup when it's hot out. The fact that I'll be sweating and warm makes me kinda lazy I guess, but I also love using colour! This is why instead of making a whole look with eyeshadow and everything, I just go for a double winged liner. I think it gives this cool pop of colour whilst still feeling light and very wearable.

The look is easy enough to make if you know how to do a winged liner. First you prime your eyes so that the shadow won't move and looks more vibrant. Then you pick whichever bright shade you fancy and start to line your upper lashline with it. I like to use an angled brush for this and just gently push the colour where I want it. After that, line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner. Make the line as tiny as you can so that the underlying eyeshadow is still visible! I recommend gel liner, especially for hot days as it's less prone to smudging or melting from the heat.

As for colour recommendations, I really like using a bright blue or green for this, but pinks and purples also look awesome. Just make sure it shows up on your eyes!

On my lips I'm wearing Catrice's Pinkadilly Circus. In retrospect I think I would have preferred a clear gloss instead, but since I'm such a lipstick girl I couldn't resist! I'm not wearing any foundation or BB-cream for this look since even that's too much for me when it's hot out. Just some concealer to hide the shadows under my eyes, sunscreen, a bit of blusher and I'm all set!

Also, this is a great look for if you wear glasses! It gives this lovely peek-a-boo effect, glasses also tend to tone down most eyelooks a bit so if you're a foureyes like me you're lucky! We can get away with super dramatic looks during the day without it being too much, go us!

What are your favourite looks for the summer?

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