Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Experiment: Colourful eye brighteners

A well known trick for opening up the eye and giving it a brighter, more awake look is to line the lower waterline with a white or nude colour. I thought it might be an interesting experiment to see if that works or not, and if we can find out if a few other colours do the trick as well.

I used four colours of which I'd read or heard that are supposed to work. There's also several other suggestions such as using a lavender or lilac colour, but I couldn't actually find a kohl pencil anywhere in that shade. So instead I used a teal, nude, pale blue and white liner pencil for this little experiment.

No Liner:

This is my eye without anything on the lower waterline. As you can see I have a bit of redness on the eyeball, I probably rubbed them or didn't sleep very well or something.

White Liner:

The white liner does a pretty good job of brightening the place up. The red lines are slightly less visible and it gives a more awake look. It doesn't look very natural though, so minus points for that. 

Teal Liner:

Although I like the look of it, it seems that this colour makes the red in my eyes stand out. Meh, not what we want. The redness makes the eye look a bit more irritated and tired. It's not very noticable, but it's still there.
I think this is because there's quite a bit of green in teal and minty colours, which is contrasting with the red in my eye and thus making both colours stand out more. So this one is pretty much a no-go if you want your eyes to look more awake since it does more harm than help, but I still like the general look of it. 

Nude Liner:

Winner winner chicken dinner! Now this is the stuff. It looks very natural, whilst concealing redness and making the eye look brighter. From a bit further away, no one can tell I've even put something on there. It just looks a little bit better than the naked eye, perfect.

Blue Liner:

Another shade that I find looks interesting on the waterline, but is actually working against me here. I feel that it makes the red in my eyes stand out a smidge more, although it does open up the eye without it looking too silly or strange. 


White and nude colours on the waterline definitely help to make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake. Teal and blue not so much, they actually make the red colours stand out a bit more. Which is a bit annoying because it's the redness that makes the eyes look tired and sore! The effect isn't too bad though, it's pretty subtle so there's no harm in using them anyway. Try using red or pink on the waterline, now THAT will make your eyes look really worn out.  I actually think the two cool shades look really pretty and interesting, so if you're not too fussed about the brightening effect you could definitely use it in your own looks. 


  1. ik draag altijd wit maar ik vind de nude eyeliner het mooist bij jou ^^

  2. Nude vind ik ook het mooist! Heb zelf alleen een wit potloodje in mn bezit, mss binnenkort even naar een nude zoeken :p

    1. Haha ja ik had ook heeel lang alleen wit, ik dacht er nooit aan om een nude te halen! Gek he, want eigenlijk staat die inderdaad het mooist.

  3. Waar is je nude potloodje van? :-)

    1. Van Rimmel! Het is de Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil, ze hebben ook nog andere versies maar deze is super romig en blijft lang zitten.