Friday, 24 May 2013

Tutorial: Simple Brown Smokey Eye

I love my signature winged eye look, but sometimes you just want something a little bit more dramatic. However, I had this problem whenever I tried to do a classic smokey looked too dark on me! This is why I invented this super simple brown smokey eye look that's a bit softer and a lot more flattering for fair skinned ladies like me. Want to know how I did it? Then keep on reading!

So, this is my naked eye. Nothing too fancy here, just a normal almond shaped eye that can see stuff. What you want to do is prime your eye with your favourite primer. I'm using Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but you use whatever you fancy! Also, it's best if you start off without concealer or foundation for this look, trust me! When you do smokey eyes you'll often have a lot of fallout to deal with, it's gonna get messy. It's best to just accept that and apply concealer when you're done with the look and have wiped the mess away. 

You want to start with a base, I used a Maybelline Colour Tattoo for this in On and On Bronze (which is the UK version of Bad To The Bronze) and slapped it on with my fingers. It's okay to be messy! We're gonna blend it out anyway. 

Gently glend the base outwards and upwards so that it covers the eye nicely. I like to blend it in with my fingers, but you can use whichever way you prefer. I also like to put a little bit of the base on my lower lashline. As you can see, I'm going quite a bit over my crease. This is because we're going to blend the eyeshadows upwards, but also because I have tiny eyelids and wanted to make it look like I have more space to work with.

Now take an eyeshadow brush and take the darkest warm brown that you have. Mine is Cocoa Puff from Too Faced Natural Eye palette. Put it on the eyelid so that it looks like the hot mess above. Don't worry if it looks like you've been punched in the eye at this stage, we're going to fix all that in a sec. 

Take a fluffy blending brush - I'm using the Real Techniques brush that I absolutely adore - and gently blend that dark colour upwards so that you get a gradient from dark to light. If the dark brown becomes too light, go back to reapply some more and blend again. Rinse and repeat until you're happy. Also take a little brush and run it along the lower lashline with the dark brown, make sure the edges are looking soft, a smokey eye is all about dark colours gently smoking out to lighter shades. 

I apologise for the blurry picture, I hope it illustrates this step nonetheless. To add a bit more depth, take a matte medium brown colour and swipe it along the outer v and the crease. This will create a bit more warmth. You can leave this step out if you feel like you don't need it though.

Now take a matte off-white colour, this is what we're going to highlight the browbone with. Gently blend downwards a bit so that the gradient is looking smooth and lovely. 

This step is completely optional, but I feel that an inner corner highlight makes the eyes look brighter and takes a bit of the drama away, making the look more wearable. I chose a warm golden tone for my inner highlight, and I applied it with a tiny brush for precision. 

Your eye should now look something a little like this. Still quite messy isn't it? Time to get rid of it!

I like to use a wet wipe for this, but anything that you usually use to remove makeup from your face with is fine as well. Make sure that you catch all of the fallout but don't wipe your hard work away! That would be a waste wouldn't it?

The next step is lining your waterline and tightline your upper lashline. If you don't know how to do tightlining, it basically means that you put liner in between the roots of the lashes instead of on top of them. I didn't want to create a wing here, just the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. I suggest lining your waterline with either gel or kohl liner, liquid liner doesn't last very well and stings quite a lot. Lining your waterline can make your eyes look tinier, but I like the intensity it gives to the eyes. You can however choose for a dark brown colour instead if you don't like using black for this particular look. 

Time for concealer! Again, make sure that you don't undo your work. If it blends in a little bit with the makeup it's fine, this is a smokey look after all. 

To finish your look, curl your lashes and put on your favourite mascara. You could even go for false lashes if you're feeling fancy! 

And this is the finished look! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and that it was comprehensive enough, maybe even enough to make you want to try it out yourself! 

What are your favourite tutorials?

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