Friday, 31 May 2013

Things I'm currently harassing the mailman for

We all do this, right? We all do the thing where we order something online and then for the next few days and weeks you go all jumpy every time you hear the doorbell. You become all like Ohmygosh it could be my package it could be my package yay! and then when it's not the thing you've ordered - especially when it is a package, but meant for someone else - you feel all dejected and sad until the doorbell rings again.

Once every few months I order something online. I love shopping this way, it's great! You get the thrill of shopping without having to deal with other people, which is awesome for awkward gits like me and you get to stare indecisively at stuff for as long as you want. The downsides though is that until it arrives you feel like you're waiting for a late present, and that sucks! My poor mailman, he's going to cry when he finds out how much I'm going to pester him for the following weeks.. This is what I'm currently waiting for.

El cheapo brushes from Ebay in numbers 1053, 1050 and 1052

They're not really called 'El Cheapo'. I just made that up cause I don't know their real name and they're cheap.

In the wishlist that I made a while ago I stated that I needed a new stippling brush, and then the beautiful Eva came to my resque! (thanks again!) She linked me to a seller on Ebay who alledgedly sells really good brushes for really cheap. These are only about 3 dollar 70, which is a far deal cheaper than the Real Techniques brush I was intending to buy. I hope they are as great as I've been told! I'm very curious indeed. 

Asos Dress:

Image 1 of ASOS Midi Sundress With Scoop Back

I'll be looking for a job soon and for that I'll need to look proper and presentable. Now, I have the fashion sense of a blind monkey so obviously I don't really have anything job interview worthy. With some assistance of a few lovely redditors I chose this modest and hopefully still stylish black dress from My only fear is that it will be way too long for my short hobbit-y posture and I'll look like a toddler who tried on her mum's clothes so I hope I'll be ok haha. Also, since I'm chubby I think this will be a flattering style for me whilst not being too uncomfortable to wear. This dress costs 25£ on 

Asos Hair Brooch

Image 1 of ASOS Double Stone Hair Brooches

I simply could not let this be, look at how pretty it is! Hopefully it looks classy and gorgeous in real life as well, I'll be gutted if it's uber bling or tacky. Fingers crossed! This hair brooch costs  on

Foot Pillows from

Image 1 of Foot Pillows
Do you find walking in heels as extremely uncomfortable as I do? It's living hell, and I still do it because of those extra few inches and the incredible non-crappy posture it gives me. I hope these insoles will make the whole ordeal a lot less painful for me. Sure they're about the most boring thing to buy ever but damn girl, I want happy feet! 

Empty palette from Ebay

Oooooh, what would I want this for you wonder? Well, it's for my very own pigment pressing project. But for that of course I'll need....

18 samples from Shiro Cosmetics

Heart Attack

Tadaaah! I ordered loads of loose pigment samples from Shiro Cosmetics! I'm so excited! Shiro is an indie makeup company, which means that they develop their products individually without a parent company. Their stuff is a hundred percent vegan and cruelty free and also awesomely pigmented. Last but not least, it's all geek based! As someone who absolutely adores stuff like Pokemon, Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Hobbit and almost every other franchise that's been featured on that website I almost squeeled out of happiness when I found out about this online store. 

I've also been dying for some beautiful eyeshadows, and since no palette can satisfy me colour wise I'm just gonna build one myself. I find working with loose pigments incredibly fussy though so that's why I'm planning on pressing them. The shade you see above is from the 'Notebook' collection and is one of the colours I've purchased. I bought 18 samples that all costed me a dollar a piece, can't wait to find out what it's like! 

Are you currently stalking your mailman for some packages too? Are you waiting for that bell to ring and finally deliver your precious new shinies? Hopefully you're dealing with it a lot better than I am, man I hate waiting.


  1. Ik vind de wat goedkopere accessoires altijd tegenvallen bij Asos :( bij mij zien ze er altijd heel tacky uit lol. Hoop dat jouw hair brooche beter uitziet dan mijn stuff!

    1. Oh noes! Haha ik hoop dat ie inderdaad meevalt, en anders kan ik er mee prutsen en opverven zonder me schuldig te voelen. :p

  2. So excited for you to share your swatches of Shiro!

  3. I adore Shiro Cosmetics. Their Intertubes are nice too.
    I recently ordered from Madd Style Cosmetics and loving their eyeshadows too. Torchwood and Black Wolf are particularly amazing.
    Really liking your blog so far, by the way :)

    1. Woops, I meant Bad Wolf. Trying to comment on my smartphone is frustrating. Damn mobile versions that don't work.

    2. Thanks! I've checked them out and they look awesome. Ugh Autocorrect is such a pain isn't it, I sometimes wish for my old trusty fridge phone that let me make my own words back. :p