Monday, 27 May 2013

Summer releases that I'm really excited about

After a long winter it's finally getting warmer. Which makes me more excited about everything in general, especially new makeup releases! I usually love the spring/summer ones because brands bring a lot more colour to the party. This spring was quite pastel-ish cosmetics wise, which I didn't really like. Pastels just don't suit me. The summer releases though...oh man there are some gems here. Come in and take a look!

Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquer

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer

After the huge succes of the Rimmel Apocalips launch, the brand shows up with 14(!!!) new shades under a new name. I'm so psyched for this, I own one of the Apocalips lip laquers and the pigmentation and staying power is fantastic. The one thing that was a bit lacking was the colour range, glad to see that they've sorted it out!

Sleek's Candy Collection

Sleek is coming out with a limited edition collection for the summer. I love those vivid colours! I will definitely pick the eyeshadow palette up since the pigmentation is usually fantastic and I'm really diggin' the colour choice.

Stila's Festival of Color collection

Maquiagem Stila Festival of Color
Source: totalmakeup.
Stila has never piqued my interest before, but boy the brand sure has my attention now! I love everything! Look at those gorgeous eyeshadows, the mint coloured eyeliner and the vibrant lip balms, wow. I can't get over how gorgeous those eyeshadows look though, they've chosen some wonderful colour combinations. Must swatch everything soon!

Illamasqua's Paranormal Collection

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I do so love it when a brand thinks out of the box, and that's what Illamasqua does all of the time. Instead of coming with vibrant coloured palettes or bronze shades, they've decided to go for mysterious colours that are reminiscent of mystery and magic. Witches and poison and everything well..paranormal!

Sephora's Disney Storylook Palette: The Little Mermaid

This picture has been floating around on the wide web for a while and I couldn't really figure out where the picture is from, but this is a sneak peek for their new palette! As a huge Disney fan I'm really excited for this. Even though there's not a Sephora anywhere in the UK, just the fact that it exists is glorious. Right now they're still selling the Jasmine palette, which is absolutely beautiful as well. Especially if you have warm undertones.

The Balm Instain Powder Blush

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I have seen and heard people rave about The Balm's blushes before, and rightfully so! The pigmentation and colour choices are fantastic, which is why I'm really excited that they're coming out with more shades to choose from. Also, I think the packaging is adorable. I'm such a sucker for good packaging..

NYX Parallel Worlds Collection

This collection is inspired by the Mortal Instrument books - which I haven't read..yet - and I often really like it when a brand does that. I'm already liking the new matte lip cream and the blush. Not so sure about the eyeshadow palette though, it looks way too cool toned for my pasty face.

That was about it I think! There are of course a lot of other things I'm excited about but these were the most important ones. Especially Stila has really impressed me, it's funny how you can overlook a brand forever until they do something you can't ignore.

Which summer releases are you the most excited about? 

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