Tuesday, 21 May 2013

FOTD: Forest Green

I do so love playing with colours, but I find green shades often a bit tricky to work with. It has a tendency to make my skin look sallow and tired, which is of course never a good thing! This time I decided to rise up from the challenge though, green is supposed to look harmonious with my eyes and hair dammit, I wanted to make it work!

So I decided on pairing a few mossy green shades with warmer colours. Golden and bronzy brown tones, trying to get it as soft looking as I could. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, since I usually hate green on me but this time I think I managed to make it look ok. To enhance the colours a bit I used a lip colour in a contrasting shade and blotted it on my lips. Colour theory always dictates that red goes well with green, but I think that pinkish and sometimes purple shades often work a lot better if you want to make the colours pop.

I think this look is definitely soft enough for during the day, I think this is because I opted for bronze eyeliner and brown mascara. To spice it up for the evening would be simple enough, I'd just add a darker colour in the outer V and crease, black eyeliner instead of brown and a darker mascara. Maybe even some falsies if you're into that! I usually can't be bothered with them, shhh don't tell anyone.

I thought it might be handy if I just showed you the products I used, I warn you though, this is going to be quite picture heavy! I wasn't able to get all of the products in one picture because I live in an apartment made for ants and had to use a chair to photograph products on. It works for me though! Let's take a look at what I've used this time.


For my face I used my 'Perk Me Up' skin brightening primer by LOOK to prime my skin for the BB cream and make it look a bit more healthy, then I applied a Skin79 BB Cream called 'Lovely Girl' which gave me the coverage that I needed and finally I set everything with my Essence 'all about matt' compact powder. I just got that powder, and it broke already. Am I really that clumsy? Anyway, it was cheap and it's really good, so I guess I can live with a few chunks missing. 


First I primed my eyes with Urban Decay's primer potion. It's the only primer I've ever used, and I can definitely notice the colours looking a lot brighter and staying on better so I'm quite happy with it! On my lashes I applied Maxfactor's 'Clump Defy' mascara, which is the UK version of the 'Clump Crusher' that is oh so popular right now in the US. I accidentaly bought the brown version, but that's okay because I quite like to use brown for softer daytime looks.

I used this Sephora waterproof kohl pencil to line my waterline and line my upper lashline. This pencil goes on super smooth! It's really smudge proof as well, which is good for me because my eyes get irritated easily and are prone to watering, which can make makeup look bad within seconds so I try to make sure I use as much smudge and waterproof stuff as I can.

I used the NYC 'Fashion Bootcamp' quatro palette for my green colours in the outer V and the crease, a limited edition golden Catrice eyeshadow as a base combined with 'Silk Teddy' (which is my favourite shade ever) from the Too Faced Natural Eye palette. I also used the darker golden tone to blend the green in with the lighter shades, the taupe and off-white from the Too Faced palette to highlight my browbone and blend the darker colours out. 

Blush and Higlight

As a highlight I used my beloved Essence 'My Base' which is actually a primer but it contains so much shimmer that I love to use it as a highlighter. Unfortunately Essence decided to discontinue this product, I'll be so sad when it's gone! I combined this with a blush from LOOK called 'Flush', which is a very pretty shimmery pink that is very buildable. 


I started with moisturizing my lips with Lush's 'Honey Trap' which I love using because it makes my lips smell divine and makes them feel all soft and awesome. I decided on using my Apocalips lip colour from Rimmel in the colour 'Stellar', but since it's such a pigmented colour I blotted it on for a more subtle and light effect
instead of applying it straight from the tube . 

So, I guess I'm not afraid of using greens anymore! I am personally quite happy with this look, it's always nice to discover more ways to make something work for you. Do you ever have problems using certain colours? How do you make certain things work?


  1. Wat zie je er prachtig uit! Zo'n groene ooglook staat je heel goed!

  2. wauw je bent echt heel heel erg mooi!

    en mooie ooglook ook :)

  3. Eerste wat me opviel was how pretty you loooooked! I like ur face.

    Second, ik heb je about me page gelezen en GIIIIRRRLLLL WIJ (zowel Ada als Knor) ZIJN OOK GAMERS! How awesome dat je game design doet! Wat zijn je favorite games?!

    1. Joaah! Meer girl gamers zijn altijd tof! Ik speel nu vooral een online forum fantasy rpg (super geeky maar zo leuk)die Demnia heet. Verder horen bij mijn all time favourites Journey, Fallout 3, Pokemon Chrystal, Left4Dead 2 en The Walking Dead: The game. Maar ik vind echt nog heel veel anderen ook tof haha. Wat zijn jullie favorieten?

    2. Een gezamenlijke favoriet is Final Fantasy. Als we nu de liedjes van horen krijgen we gelijk kippenvel! Zoveel herinneren en nostalgie! Echt een trip down memory lane.

      Persoonlijke andere favorieten (Ada) zijn Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Zelda, Street Fighter, No more heroes, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross. Maar er zijn er eigenlijk zoveel! Geen tijd om te spelen :( Vroeger was leven makkelijk, as they say :P

  4. Oeew I like!!! Je krijgt hier echt zo'n fantasy uitstraling mee in combinatie met je prachtige haar. En ik ben ook een geeky gamer die graag RPG doet haahahaha

    1. Thanks! =D Haha RPG'en is verslavend leuk he.

    2. hahaha ja net eigenlijk iets te leuk >_< trouwens mijn oudste dochter vind dat je net "de prinses met de rode haren bent" daarmee bedoelt ze de Merida van Brave hahahaha

    3. Aww wat leuk haha, das nog eens een compliment! Had ik maar zulk haar als Merida. :p