Monday, 20 May 2013

Beauty products I've been lusting after

#1 MAC Rebel - £14
Rebel hasn't been on my wishlist for long, but somehow I keep seeing -and loving!- it on other people. It's so different from all the other shades I've got, so vibrant and deep that I just can't stop staring at it. One day Rebel, one day you shall be mine!

#2 Inglot Freedom System Palette 5 Squares - £29.50
It's a bit too pricey for my liking, but then again good quality eyeshadow palettes often are. Add to this that the Freedom System allows you to pick and choose the colours yourself and I'm completely sold! I'm just dying for a good quality eyeshadow palette that has nothing but my favourite colours in it.

#3 Sleek lip 4 palette in Mardi Gras - £9
Now this is limited edition, so if I want it I should probably hurry up. The shades in this little lip palette seem very unique, usually I'm not too fond of lipsticks in a palette but knowing Sleek's excellent quality I'll glady make an exception to try this out. 

#4 Etude House Etoinette Heart blusher - £25 - £30 on Ebay
Just look at how adorable that is! Can you believe it? And according to reviews online, it's a wonderful product too! A bit pricey, so I will have to save up for it but boy is this lovely looking or what?

#5 Shu Uemura eyelash curler - £20
I shudder at the fact that I'm even thinking about paying that much money for a lash curler, but I'm almost won over by all the ladies that swear by it. This is the lash curler amongst lash curlers, it promises to do its job better than all others can and not pinch your eyes. I'm sick of having my eyes pinched and walking around with kinks in my lashes

#6 NYX blush in Taupe - £5.50
Now this is the contour colour us pale ladies alledgedly swear by, and I can't wait to see for myself how it is. Most bronzers are way too orange for the lighter skintones, so hopefully this will solve that problem.

#7 MAC Lustre Drops - £17.50
I'm a sucker for sparkles and highlighters, and although I haven't heard much of the Lustre Drops, what I did hear was quite impressive. Liquid higlighters are often a bit more pigmented and last quite a bit longer on the skin than their powdered variations do. Also, the little bottle will last me ages.

#8 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Glow - £38
Oh Ethereal Glow, I covet thee. I covet thee so much. I don't even know yet if this product works or not, but I've heard and seen so many people rave about it that I must at least try it out. This powder is not a finishing or a setting powder, it's not even a highlighter. Instead, you're supposed to use it all over your face to give you that 'lit from within' glow. Now who doesn't want that? I want to light up from within, yes please! Unfortunately though, it's horribly expensive and I don't know if I can even justify this kind of purchase to myself. It might have to wait until I'm not a student anymore and have a proper job, but I don't mind. It's not like it's limited edition or anything. 

#9 Real Techniques Stippling Brush - £11
Now I don't know about you, but I find it quite tricky to find a decent stippling brush that isn't either in a kit or shockingly expensive. Real Techniques hasn't disappointed me yet with their brushes though (except for their Liner Brush, there's no way you can make a thin line with that!) and because the price is actually quite decent for what you get I decided on this. Stippling brushes are mighty handy for applying products lightly, which is necessary when you're working with very pigmented stuff like neon pink cream blushes. 

#10 Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush - £7
Now this brush is supposed to be a proper eyeliner brush (unlike its bigger sister) and I must say that I do need one. I bought an angled brush recently, but unfortunately left it at my sister's in The Netherlands and now I am once again without a good eyeliner brush. 

#11 NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk - £4.50
I've seen a lot of people use this under their brighter makeup to make the colours pop even more, and it seems to work like a dream so I simply must get my hands on it. Unfortunately it's almost always sold out online, so I hope that I get lucky soon.

#12 Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl in Nude - £4
For years I've used a white kohl pencil in the waterline to make my eyes look brigher, but I long for something more natural looking. This nude pencil seems just perfect for that, although I've heard that a lavender pencil can brighten up your complexion a huge amount. Lavender is a pretty tricky kohl liner colour to find though, so I hope to just stumble upon that one day. 

#13 Maybelline Colour Tattoo - £5
I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, they're great and affordable and very reliable. I've left my favourite shade -the bronze one- accidentally at my sister's house as well, so I'll have to repurchase that again along with some colours I've been eyeing up for a while now. There is this beautiful iridescent colour, and also this pink sparkly one, and also this...ah you get my drift..I pretty much want them all. 

So that was a pretty excessive wishlist wasn't it? There's no way I'll buy all this in a short time though, the things I'm lusting after are definitely long term based. What are the products that you have your heart set on at the moment? Have you hopelessly fallen in love with some heartbreakingly expensive things just like I have? Share your stories below!


  1. Nice wishlist! Ik zou Taupe van NYX ook nog graag willen proberen, ik ken echt zoooveel meiden die zweren bij dat product! En die blush van Etude House is mega schattig.

    1. Ja lief is die he, ik werd echt meteen helemaal verliefd haha. Dat poefje ook wat je erbij krijgt! Zo cute <3

  2. Hier, je kan er al eentje afstrepen:

    Een neppe versie van de Real Techniques stippling brush. Ik heb hiervan 2 versies en ze zijn geniaal zacht en goed en omg goedkoop.

    1. Wow, die zijn echt goedkoop zeg! Bedankt voor de tip! :D

  3. Als je die real techniques brush wilt bestellen zou ik het via iHerb doen! (wel met creditcard) maar daar zijn ze vet cheap! Super leuke wishlist trouwens

    1. Ooh goeie tip! Hier kun je ze kopen in Boots enzo, zou het even duur zijn als de verkoop prijs of een tikje goedkoper? Zal ffies kijken! =D